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Science Communication

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International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

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oral prsentations

Oral presentations

I have formally administered three oral presentations. My most recent presentation was at a conference discussing citizen science, and I have also presented a camera trapping workshop at the recent 2019 Annual GreenSTEM Series. My first formal presentation was to North Carolina Zoo staff on research conducted on shade use by captive elephants.


Poster Presentations

Blog posts


I have written dozens of blog posts and newsletters over the years for science communication purposes. I have highlighted a few of my favorite blogs below, and more can be found at

How does Climate Change Affect



Videos and webinars

I have starred and made short appearances in several videos and webinars related to scientific research endeavors. 


I had the honor of being shadowed by Kate Messner while I was tracking pythons in the Everglades. Kate is an award-winning children's book author who does a wonderful job describing the importance of our invasive species research, and highlights some of the team's rowdy adventures as we searched for and captured these giant carnivores.

Book Description:

Burmese pythons are native to Southeast Asia, so when one showed up dead along the side of a Florida highway in 1979, scientists wondered where it came from. No one knew the snakes had launched a full-scale invasion. Pet pythons that escaped or were released by their owners started breeding in the wild, and these enormous predators began eating every animal in their path. Today a group of scientists at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is tracking Burmese pythons to find ways to stop their spread. Page Plus links lead to video clips and photos of the scientists working in the field. Delve into the science of pythons and their role as invasive predators.


Podcast: guest star in "wild animals"

I was interviewed by Dr. Roland Kays for podcast  "Wild Animals:, a series highlighting research conducted by scientists around the world and the animals that star in their stories. My episode covers the time I spent as a python researcher tracking snakes in the Everglades, Florida.

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