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Peer-Reviewed Publications

9. Nelson-Olivieri J, Layden TJ, Antunez E, Khalighifar A, Lasky M, Laverty TM, McKenna MF, Sanchez KA, Shannon G, Starr S, Verahrami AK, Bombaci SP. 2023. It's not just noise: The consequences of inequitable noise for urban wildlife. Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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6. Kays RW, Lasky M, Pease B, Parsons AW, and Pacifici K. Evaluation of the spatial biases and sample size of a statewide citizen science project. 2021. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice 6(1): 34, 1–12. DOI:


5. Lasky M*, Parsons A, Schuttler S, McShea B, Davis G, Kalies L, Sutherland R, Clark SR, Hess G, Boone H, Gatens L, Olfenbuttel C, Shaw J, Dukes C, Menke T, Matthews J, Kays RW. 2021. CAROLINA CRITTERS: camera trap data from mammal surveys across North Carolina. Ecology: e03372. DOI:


4. Cove M, Kays R, Bontrager H, Bresnan C, Lasky M, Frerichs T, . . . & Mcshea, W. 2020. SNAPSHOT USA 2019: the first coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States. Ecology: e03353. DOI:

3. Lasky M*, Parsons A, Schuttler S, Mash A, Larson L, Norton B, Pease B, Boone H, Gatens L, Kays R. 2021. Candid Critters: Challenges and Solutions in a Large-Scale Citizen Science Camera Trap Project. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice: 6(1). DOI:

2. Lasky M*, Campbell J, Osborne JA, Ivory EL, Lasky J, Kendall CJ. 2020. Increasing browse and social complexity can improve zoo elephant welfare. Zoo Biology: 1– 11. DOI:

1. Bartoszek I, Hendricks M, Easterling I, Andreadis P. 2018. Python Bivittatus (Burmese python) Marine Incursion. Herpetological Review 49(3): 554 - 555. URL:

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